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Why is automating the Well-Architected Framework important?

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Designing and building an effective cloud environment is not an easy task. When it’s automated, it can help you make better business decisions and understand the impact those decisions can have on your cloud infrastructure. Increasing your awareness of the architectural design of your cloud also means you can better align those decisions with your business needs and goals.

What is AWS Well-Architected Framework?

AWS Well-Architected Framework is a set of strategies and best practices that can now be automated to help design and maintain effective, reliable, high-performing and secure cloud architectures and cloud-native applications. AWS developed these best practices based on a collation of learned experiences its solutions architects embraced from supporting customers over the years.

The framework can be used by businesses as a consistent benchmark to help measure and compare existing cloud architectures against the recommended best practices, identify any shortcomings and help them to address those successfully. But this framework isn’t exclusive to the AWS environment; it can be used to evaluate any cloud environment supported by other cloud platforms as well.

The framework has been designed based on six pillars to help businesses build their systems in line with their overall business goals. These six pillars are:

  • Operational excellence;

  • Security;

  • Reliability;

  • Performance efficiency;

  • Cost optimisation;

  • Sustainability.

The benefits your business can gain from being well-architected:

Implementing the AWS Well-Architected Framework can empower your business in many aspects – from technical performance to improving operations, teams and managerial decisions. More importantly, when there’s a strong cloud foundation, it means your business can be more agile and flexible, and have the competitive advantage to build faster and deploy applications more frequently. This is most beneficial when businesses want to implement changes timely and effectively, without disrupting business continuity.

Being well-architected can also increase the visibility of your operations. Once there’s visibility, it can help you assess its current state, reveal any potential risks and vulnerabilities and enable you to act on those risks before they become an issue. At the same time, this assessment can help highlight areas for improvement and be used as a structure to measure success.

Both technical and management teams will gain immensely once they have a clearer understanding of the impact each design decision can have on a business. This will help further facilitate the need for teams to work together towards achieving common business performance success and KPIs.

How can help your business?

Currently, companies that want to achieve the standards set out by the AWS Well-Architected Framework require businesses to invest up to three months of time and resources, and often without a roadmap or plan of attack.

However, the AUTOMATE+ platform combines the security of AWS-native tools, open source projects and patent pending IP to automate best-practice in AWS. This combination provides automated cybersecurity, continual compliance with AWS best-practice, ransomware protection and powerful integrations with AWS to accelerate your DevSecOps journey.

Take advantage of our 6-month, non-commercial Proof of Concept (PoC) designed to get you on the tools and enjoying automated best-practice compliance and security of your AWS infrastructure, within 30-minutes of deployment and configuration. Sign up here today.

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