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Case Studies

Find out how 6pillars customers have leveraged automation to grow their business. - Case Study - Novatti & 6pillars - AWS Well-Architected & native auto-remediation - Case Study - Novatti & 6pillars - AWS Well-Architected & native auto-remediation

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Faced with a global challenge affecting their industry, Kudos Travel Technology pivoted to embrace cloud best practice as well as maximise their compliance and security posture through shifting to a continuous compliance model, leveraging automation

Wresting with the challenge of ensuring that the speed of their development cycle was matched by their security posture, GlobalX Terrain saw the opportunity to leverage the combination of development agility with security best practice and accelerate their journey to best of breed DevSecOps through automation and continuous compliance with cloud best practice.

As an Antler-funded startup, growth hacking is all important to Portant winning customers. Portant quickly realised that deploying 6pillars’ automated security and continuous compliance allowed them to demonstrate a higher level of compliance which was essential to enterprise customer acquisition, driving higher conversion and ultimately reducing the cost of acquisition per customer (CAC).

Ensuring the security of customer environments is becoming more and more complex, time consuming and resource intensive. When faced with this growing threat, AppsUnder decided to leapfrog their competitors by shifting to an automated cyber security service.

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