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AWS Security Hub Partner

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The Power of AWS Security Hub and 6pillars' Automation

Whether the goal is to mitigate risk by achieving security best practice, reduce the operating costs associated with constant manual remediation of security issues or you just want to be able to turn compliance from a cost centre into a way to engage with and win more customers, 6pillars partnership with AWS Security Hub delivers.


6pillars automates the deployment of AWS Security Hub in concert with a comprehensive suite of AWS Native Security Services. When coupled with 6pillars’ patent pending automation orchestration application and comprehensive open source automation library, customers benefit from real time remediation of cyber security issues and continuous compliance with more than 140 cloud security best practice controls across a growing number of standards referenced by AWS Security Hub.


AWS Native Services

6pillars' AUTOMATE+ & AUTOMATE+ enterprise couple deployment of a comprehensive suite of AWS-Native security and compliance services with 6pillars' Patent Pending Automation Application and Playbook Library, providing customers with a real time automated cyber security and continuous compliance capability.

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