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Fix misconfigurations, generate AWS credits.

Perform automated AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews, receive US$5,000 in AWS credits*/workload 

and get access to:

  • 12 months' AUTOMATE read-only edition (recommended) or AUTOMATE+ full auto-remediation versions (advanced)

  • Automated deployment and configuration of AWS-native security services

  • Automated deployment to organisations

  • Access realtime visibility on your Compliance status

  • Monolithic workloads: Choose between manual remediation or automation to fix misconfigurations

  • Cloud-Native/IaC Workloads: Find misconfigurations in the pipeline, scan Terraform, CloudFormation, etc. templates

  • Choose Self-Healing automation to maintain Continuous Compliance with frameworks or best-practice

  • Fix more with on the fly IaC recommendations leveraging AI

  • Slack & Teams Integration for realtime Alerts, filtered to reduce noise

  • ​Industry leading automation safeguards

  • Generate reports on the compliance standards that matter to you

  • Generate AWS Foundational Technical Review CIS & Self-Assessment reports

  • Unlimited Admin Users

  • Access to new Controls and Automation Runbooks as they are released

  • Direct access to account management team 

*AWS Terms and Conditions apply, US$2,500 6pillars' charge only upon successful attainment of credits


​For customers who want more than SaaS! Please contact us if you have bespoke or detailed  requirements, for example:

  • Proactive triage of Security Alerts

  • Custom Automation for Critical Security Alerts

  • Managed Escalation

  • Custom Integration of Managed Escalation into Customer Alerting Tools

  • Custom Integration into CI/CD pipeline

  • Customised monitoring 

  • Custom Compliance Standards & Frameworks

  • Custom Automation

  • Require Import or changes to existing AWS automation (subject to AUP)

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How it works

6pillars' AUTOMATE & AUTOMATE+ couple deployment of a comprehensive suite of AWS-Native security and compliance services with 6pillars' Patent Pending Automation Application and Playbook Library, providing customers with a real time automated cyber security and continuous compliance capability.

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