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What your business can gain from automating your AWS Foundational Technical Review

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review (FTR) has been designed to enable AWS ISVs to detect and remediate risks in their solutions. The FTR can help identify whether your solution is following AWS best practices related to quality, security, reliability and operation excellence, as set out by the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Besides being able to qualify your solution with AWS, carrying out AWS FTRs can deliver many other benefits for your business.

Mitigate risks

A Foundational Technical Review allows you to assess your workloads against the security best practices as defined by the AWS Well-Architected Framework to ensure its secure, reliable and meets operational excellence. Having this level of much-needed visibility means you can properly understand your environment, and use it to identify and detect vulnerabilities to ensure your workloads are free of any risks or threats before it becomes a serious problem.

Build credibility and trust

With an approved AWS FTR, your solution will receive a “reviewed by AWS” badge which shows your solution has been verified. This is essential if your business is providing solutions to other AWS customers who prefer mostly to use verified solution providers as it assures them that they are choosing the most efficient, high-quality product. It also helps validate your business’ cloud technical expertise, which you can showcase and use to stand out from other providers.

Access AWS Partner benefits

Completing the AWS FTR will unlock several AWS Partner benefits, including funding and access to the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, AWS Service Ready Program, AWS Competency Program, and more. The AWS ISV Accelerate Program provides co-sell support, contributing to new business and accelerated sales cycles, while the Amazon Service Ready Program has been designed to help validate and promote software products that work with AWS services. The AWS Competency Program highlights your technical expertise and showcases your capabilities in specialised areas across industries, use cases, and workloads, as a way to market your business.

How Automating your Foundational Technical Review benefits AWS PSAs

By carrying out an AWS FTR, your business will also be able to engage directly with an AWS Partner Solution Architect (PSA), who can help your business improve its AWS architectures. The AWS Partner Solution Architect can leverage their years of experience in actively supporting customers with running workloads and bring those insights on how you can run your workloads more effectively. This will ensure your business processes and workloads are designed and operate in a way that will deliver positive customer experiences.

An AWS FTR is valid for two years from the date of approval, however reaching that point can take up to three months. The platform, AUTOMATE+, has been developed so you can not only sail through your FTR with ease, but streamline the approval process for your PSA as a result of integrated automation and programmatic control checking.

In just 30 minutes, AUTOMATE+ can be deployed and configured to ensure best-practice in your environment. is built on AWS-native best-practice automation to detect, protect and remediate AWS misconfigurations that previously left your company exposed to cybersecurity risks or even ransomware attacks.

Take advantage of our 6-month, non-commercial Proof of Concept (PoC) designed to get you on the tools and enjoy automated best-practise compliance and security of your AWS infrastructure. Book your demo today.

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