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Intelligent, map-based property information search solution for surveyors and property planning professionals across Australia.


GlobalX Terrain, formerly UrbisPro, offers the most comprehensive range of property information services to Australia’s leading property planning and surveying professionals. 


Designed to streamline the search process, GlobalX Terrain provides an intuitive experience through map-based software providing smart visualisation. The search portal provides the property information customers need all on one site, saving them valuable time.

GlobalX Terrain

Executive Summary

Faced with the challenge of ensuring that the speed of their development cycle was matched by their security posture, GlobalX Terrain saw the opportunity to leverage the combination of development agility with security best practice and accelerate their journey to best of breed DevSecOps through automation and continuous compliance with cloud best practice.


GlobalX Terrain’s Challenge

GlobalX Terrain’s CTO Angus Scown has a passion for DevOps and understands the challenges of combining development agility with security best practice. The speed of GlobalX Terrain’s development is essential to meet their customers’ needs and maintain their competitive advantage.

The challenge for Australia’s leading Intelligent, map-based property information search solution was to ensure that their security posture was not only maintained as part of their development cycle, but was ideally maximised to be able to be leveraged as a competitive advantage when engaging with new customers.


6pillars’ Solution

GlobalX Terrain quickly established that 6pillars’ automated cyber security and continuous compliance solution couples all the benefits of AWS’ comprehensive suite of native security and compliance services with 6pillars’ patent pending SaaS platform and comprehensive automation playbook library. This combines to ensure fully automated, best of breed, continuous compliance with AWS security best practice with minimal operational impact to the Devops development process flow.



6pillars engaged with GlobalX Terrain in an initial discovery phase, evaluating the GlobalX Terrain environment and deploying AWS native security services. 6pillars also discussed optimization of the workload with GlobalX Terrain development teams to achieve optimal performance, availability and cost effectiveness.



Once all the required AWS security services had been deployed (including AWS Security Hub, Control Tower, Config, GuardDuty, etc.), 6pillars was able to easily analyse and establish GlobalX Terrain’s security posture. 



6pillars’ then deployed its security and compliance automation to enable continuous compliance with cloud security best practice.



As part of its Managed Service, 6pillars provides automation of any new controls within AWS Security Hub as well as creates new customised playbooks, which grows over time as it deploys more automation across its customer base. This results in a managed security service that increases in value over time.


Why GlobalX Terrain Chose 6pillars

GlobalX Terrain’s selection of 6pillars came about based on their first hand experience of previous interactions with 6pillars technical staff.

“We’ve known 6pillars from the CTO down for some time and, while comfortable to entrust our environment to them, were delighted once we came to understand the depth of the ongoing value that the combination of the platform and growing automation library could deliver.”



GlobalX Terrain has been using AWS, the leading global hyperscale cloud provider, for some time.

In addition to leadership in performant, reliable and cost-effective cloud infrastructure, AWS now adds services that deliver the most comprehensive and mature cloud native integrated security services.


Results and Benefits

- Reduced Risk: Continuous automated compliance accelerated DevSecOps

- Peace of Mind: Continuous alignment with cloud security best practice

- Reduced Operating Costs: Automation delivers lower operational costs


Angus Scown, CTO of GlobalX Terrain:


“Change is a constant when delivering development agility and performance, and we need to ensure that our security is as good as our dev team’s output.”


“6pillars’ automated security delivers not only a best practice environment but one that maintains continuous compliance with cloud best practice through automation.”


“This allows us to maintain continuous best practice in a changing and dynamic environment to mitigate risk and maximise our security posture.”

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