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Case Study

Novatti Gets Well-architected with 6pillars' AUTOMATE+

Novatti Group, a prominent, ASX-listed fintech based in Melbourne, Australia, partnered with 6pillars to achieve continuous compliance with the AWS Well-Architected Framework using automation.

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Novatti Group

Executive Summary

Novatti, a prominent fintech company based in Melbourne, Australia, partnered with 6pillars to achieve continuous compliance with AWS'-own best-practice Well-Archiected Framework within their AWS environment. By implementing 6pillars' AUTOMATE+, Novatti was able to automate the deployment and configuration of AWS-native security and compliance services. This case study explores how 6pillars' AUTOMATE+ and AWS' Well-Architected Framework have helped Novatti streamline compliance, enhance security, and improve operational efficiency.


The Challenge

CISO Challenges

As an ASX-listed financial services company, Novatti faces significant regulatory requirements and security challenges. The primary challenges include:

  • Balancing Innovation and Security: Striking a balance between allowing the development and technical teams to innovate while maintaining robust security measures.

  • Continuous Security Monitoring: Ensuring continuous monitoring and remediation of security issues without disrupting business operations.

  • Guardrails for Development: Building security guardrails that facilitate innovation without compromising the security of the AWS environment.

6pillars' Solution


George, the CISO of Novatti, discovered 6pillars through the Cyrise Cybersecurity Accelerator Program. He was impressed by how seamlessly 6pillars' product integrated into their AWS environment, detecting and remediating security issues without disruption.


6pillars' AUTOMATE+ provides:

  • AWS Security Hub Integration: AUTOMATE+ integrates with AWS Security Hub, offering centralized security management and automated remediation.

  • Continuous Monitoring and Auto-Remediation: Automatically detects and remediates security issues, ensuring continuous compliance with security best practices.

  • Alignment with Best-Practice: AUTOMATE+ massively accelerates implementation of the AWS Well-Architected Framework through automation

Why Novatti Chose

Novatti selected 6pillars due to the following reasons:

  • Ease of Integration: 6pillars' solution integrates smoothly into existing environments, providing quick detection and remediation of security issues.

  • Automated Remediation: AUTOMATE+ offers automated remediation of security issues, reducing manual intervention and downtime.

  • Proven Effectiveness: Demonstrated effectiveness in enhancing security and compliance within AWS environments.


Why Novatti Chose AWS

Novatti chose AWS as their cloud provider for several key reasons:

  • Leading Cloud Platform: AWS is recognized as a leading cloud computing environment, offering robust security tools and frameworks.

  • Well-Architected Framework: AWS provides the Well-Architected Framework, which Novatti uses to ensure their architecture meets best practices.

  • Efficient Reviews: With the help of 6pillars, Novatti can perform Well-Architected reviews in under an hour, significantly faster than the traditional 3-4 weeks.



Implementing 6pillars' AUTOMATE+ resulted in numerous benefits for Novatti:

  • Enhanced Security: The primary objective of securing the organization and customer data is met with continuous detection and remediation of security risks.

  • Reduced Downtime: Automated remediation leads to less downtime and disruption, ensuring business continuity.

  • Operational Efficiency: Significant reduction in the mean time to remediate security issues, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives.

George, CISO of Novatti: "With 6pillars, we can not only detect misconfigurations and security risks, but we can also remediate these issues with no disruption and less downtime. The meantime to remediate security issues is a huge benefit we get out of 6pillars."

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