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Conforming with AWS Compliance:

Turn Compliance into a Competitive Advantage with Automation

Welcome to Continuous Compliance

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Compliance, even in AWS, can be painful to navigate, expensive to remediate, and inevitably becomes an 'urgent project’. Ironically, compliance projects distract resources from essential business-as-usual activities and once compliance has been achieved, maintaining compliance is an ongoing commitment.

Compliance with Standards or Security Best Practice?

AWS facilitates compliance with leading standards like CIS, PCI-DSS and AWS FSBP. Compliance in AWS is simply adherence to security best practice. Unfortunately, manual remediation means going through every single control, assigning the remediation to a resource and then booking in a time to review progress.


Compliance Drift: The Reality of Compliance Over Time

Even after sign-off from an auditor or project lead, a commitment is made to maintain that compliance info the future.


The reality is that change brings with it a deviation from best practice, and a drift away from compliance. Approximately 60% of PCI-DSS compliant companies failing their first PCI-DSS compliance anniversary.


Continuous Compliance Through Automation: From Pain to USP

Rather than dedicating valuable resources to monitoring, triaging and remediating compliance issues manually with inconsistent quality and timeliness of response, companies can now deploy an Automated Security and Continuous Compliance Platform and Playbook Library.


Turn compliance from a cost centre into a badge of honour that allows engagement with more customers, in turn reducing costs and growing revenue.

AWS Service Controls

AWS Certificate Manager

To easily provision, manage, and deploy public and private SSL/TLS certificates for use with AWS services and your internal connected resources


Amazon API Gateway

Create, maintain, and secure APIs at any scale


Amazon AccessAnalyzer

Start querying data instantly. Get results in seconds. Pay only for the queries you run.


Amazon AppFlow

Amazon AppFlow is a fully-managed integration service that enables you to securely exchange data between software as a service (SaaS) applications


AWS App Mesh

AWS App Mesh is a service mesh that makes it easy to monitor and control services.


Amazon Athena

Start querying data instantly. Get results in seconds. Pay only for the queries you run.


AWS Auto Scaling

Application scaling to optimize performance and costs


AWS Backup

Centrally manage and automate backups across AWS services


AWS Budgets

Set custom budgets that alert you when you exceed your budgeted thresholds.


AWS Cloud​Formation

Model and provision all your cloud infrastructure resources


Amazon CloudFront

Fast, highly secure and programmable content delivery network (CDN)


AWS CloudTrail

Track user activity and API usage


Amazon CloudWatch

Observability of your AWS resources and applications on AWS and on-premises


Amazon CloudWatch Events

Amazon CloudWatch Events delivers a near real-time stream of system events that describe changes in AWS resources


Amazon CloudWatch Logs

Monitor, store, and access your log files from Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, AWS CloudTrail, Route 53, and other sources


Amazon Comprehend

Discover insights and relationships in text


AWS Compute Optimizer

Recommends optimal AWS resources to reduce costs and improve performance for your workloads


AWS Config

Record and evaluate configurations of your AWS resources


AWS ConfigService

AWS ConfigService is a fully managed service that provides you with a detailed inventory of your AWS resources and their current configurations.


AWS Cost Explorer

Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator

Fully managed, in-memory cache for DynamoDB


Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager

Manage the lifecycle of your AWS resources


AWS Database Migration Service

Migrate your databases to AWS with minimal downtim


Amazon DocumentDB

Fast, scalable, highly available MongoDB-compatible database service


Amazon DynamoDB

Fast and flexible NoSQL database service for any scale


Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Easy to use, high performance block storage at any scale


Amazon EC2

Secure and resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Launch applications when needed without upfront commitments


Amazon Elastic Container Registry

Easily store, manage, and deploy container images


Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)

Run containerized applications in production


Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)

Scalable, elastic, cloud-native file system for Linux


Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Highly available, scalable, and secure Kubernetes service


Elastic Load Balancing

Achieve fault tolerance for any application by ensuring scalability, performance, and security


Elastic Load Balancing V2

Achieve fault tolerance for any application by ensuring scalability, performance, and security


Amazon EMR

Easily Run and Scale Apache Spark, Hadoop, HBase, Presto, Hive, and other Big Data Frameworks


Amazon ElastiCache

Managed, Redis or Memcached-compatible in-memory data store


AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Easy to begin, Impossible to outgrow


Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Fully managed, scalable, and secure Elasticsearch service


Amazon FSx

Fully managed third-party file systems


Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose

Prepare and load real-time data streams into data stores and analytics tools


AWS Glue

Simple, flexible, and cost-effective ETL


Amazon Guard​Duty

Protect your AWS accounts and workloads with intelligent threat detection and continuous monitoring


AWS Health

Provides ongoing visibility into the state of your AWS resources, services, and accounts


AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Securely manage access to AWS services and resources


Amazon Inspector

Automated security assessment service to help improve the security and compliance of applications deployed on AWS


AWS Key Management Service

Easily create and control the keys used to encrypt your data


Amazon Kinesis

Easily collect, process, and analyze video and data streams in real time


AWS Lambda

Run code without thinking about servers. Pay only for the compute time you consume


Amazon MQ

Managed message broker service for Apache ActiveMQ


Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka

Fully managed, highly available, and secure Apache Kafka service


Amazon Macie

A machine learning-powered security service to discover, classify, and protect sensitive data


AWS Macie v2

Compliance and Certifications

Ensure your AWS services are compliant towards certification classification.


Amazon Neptune

Fast, reliable graph database built for the cloud


AWS Network Firewall

AWS Organizations

Central governance and management across AWS accounts


Amazon Relational Database Service

Set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud with just a few clicks


Conformity Real-Time Threat monitoring

A Real-time threat detection tool


Amazon Redshift

The most popular and fastest growing cloud data warehouse


AWS Resource Groups

Organize your AWS resources


Amazon Route 53

A reliable and cost-effective way to route end users to Internet applications


Amazon Route 53 Domains

A reliable and cost-effective way to manage domain names


Amazon S3

Object storage built to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere


Amazon Simple Email Service

Flexible, affordable, and highly-scalable email sending and receiving service for businesses and developers


Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Fully managed pub/sub messaging for microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications


Amazon Simple Queue Service

Fully managed message queues for microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications


AWS Systems Manager

Gain operational insights and take action on AWS resources


Amazon SageMaker

Machine learning for every developer and data scientist


AWS Secrets Manager

Easily rotate, manage, and retrieve database credentials, API keys, and other secrets through their lifecycle


AWS Security Hub

Centrally view and manage security alerts and automate compliance checks


AWS Shield

Managed DDoS protection


AWS Storage Gateway

Hybrid cloud storage with local caching


AWS Support

AWS Support


AWS Transfer

Fully managed SFTP service


AWS Trusted Advisor

Reduce Costs, Increase Performance, and Improve Security


Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Provision a logically isolated section of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud where you can launch AWS resources in a virtual network that you define


AWS WAF - Web Application Firewall

Protect your web applications from common web exploits


AWS Well-Architected

Learn, measure, and build using architectural best practices


AWS WorkDocs

Secure content collaboration, simplified


Amazon WorkSpaces

Access your desktop anywhere, anytime, from any device



Analyze and debug production, distributed applications

Explore the reality of Continuous Compliance with a 30-Day trial today. 

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6pillars' AUTOMATE+ & AUTOMATE+ enterprise couple deployment of a comprehensive suite of AWS-Native security and compliance services with 6pillars' Patent Pending Automation Application and Playbook Library, providing customers with a real time automated cyber security and continuous compliance capability.

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