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AWS Well-Architected Reviews in 30 Minutes

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6pillars AUTOMATE+ is fully integrated with the AWS Well-Architected Tool to save significant time, money and hassle.


AUTOMATE+ now delivers Well-Architected Tool workload autocreate, autodiscovery of compliance, autofilling of review questions and even the option to autoremediate issues in complete safely with opt-in self-healing.

AWS Well Architected Framework Reviews and the AWS Well Architected Tool promote cloud security best practices - 6pillars brings continuous cloud best practices to life with automation.

Save Time
Comply Faster
Drive revenue

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AWS' Well-Architectured Framework helps cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, efficient and sustainable infrastructure for their applications and workloads, now based on six pillars:

operational excellence



performance efficiency

cost optimisation


AWS' Well-Architected Framework, Well Architected Reviews and the AWS Well Architected Tool all provide a consistent approach for customers and partners to evaluate architectures, and implement designs that can scale over time.

6pillars now integrates with the AWS Well Architected Tool to:

  • autocreate your test workload

  • autodiscover your security and compliance posture

  • autofill the answers to WAT and FTR questions

  • autoremediate security and compliance issues in your AWS account

Enjoy cost effective security and compliance automation that save you pain, time and money and makes continuous alignment with cloud security best practices a reality.

Abstract Background

Cybersecurity & Compliance Automation that let's you focus on doing what you do best...


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Identify and remediate cyber security and compliance issues as they happen, and before it's too late. 

We offer an array of service plans to suit your requirements.

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