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Automated, End-to-End
Anti-Ransomware Automation
for AWS.

End-to-End protection, detection and recovery powered by automation.

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Being able to successfully mitigate a Ransomware attack requires an holistic approach.


6pillars' AUTOMATE+ 

Anti-Ransomware Automation (ARA)

provides AWS users with realtime visibility, reporting, autoremediation and continuous compliance with the NIST CSF to provide unparalleled, proactive protection by ensuring AWS environments remain continuously aligned with cloud security best practice.

In addition, by leveraging SentinelOne's Endpoint Protection, End-to-End automated ransomware protection is now a reality.

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AUTOMATE+ Anti-Ransomware Automation (ARA) ensures the security of critical service configuration such as IAM, network configuration (e.g. ensuring no public access to SSH or RDP), user access permissions, vulnerability management and password strength.


If autoremediated in real time using 6pillars' Patent Pending automation platform and comprehensive automation playbook library, alerts are sent to authorised contacts via configured AUTOMATE+ integrations (i.e.Slack, etc.).

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With 6pillars' AUTOMATE

Anti-Ransomware Automation (ARA) protection and detection in place, ransomware risks are greatly reduced.

Should an attack succeed (i.e. as a result of critical access compromise, etc.), having a tested & resilient backup & recovery process is essential.


AUTOMATE+ ARA automates users' realtime visibility of their AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DRS) capability, Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).

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